The (PUC) Planning Uplift Challenge
7th July - 11th July, 18:00, UK Time

A 4-Day event which explains...
How to Create UK Property Wealth From Planning Uplift & Permitted Development (PD)



1. How to find more deals

Find the deals with a planning opportunity, that others have missed

2. How to increase your profits

Learn the which changes in planning are most likely to yield to best profits

3. How to increase value using planning

Gain confidence and experience in this specialist topic from industry experts

What was the feedback from past PUC's?

"Well structured, very informative with good case studies and contributions of experienced developers"

"I liked mostly that this challenge was interactive and full of information"

"Good questions and interactions and different backgrounds of people. Good connections made"

This event is only right for you if

  • You're an existing property investor in the UK
  • You want to learn how to use Planning Uplift or Permitted Development (PD) planning changes
  • You want to learn how to find more deals where you can add value through planning
  • You want to increase your profits by making the most out of planning opportunities
  • You want to increase your confidence in evaluating deals

How does this event run?

It's Live over Zoom for 4-days

The program is live on Zoom at 18:00, UK time everyday, for 4 days

It's Highly Interactive

Each session is interactive based on learning, application and discussion

45mins/Session + Homework

Each session lasts 45mins, plus 'a little' homework each day

Your PUC Host: John Corey

Over 30+ years of experience with creative finance specifically in the real estate sector. All phases in the residential (1-4 unit) and residential-related (5+ units) commercial sector.

Compliant capital raising for real estate transactions. Conventional and creative financing techniques for funding your real estate deals. A special focus on United Kingdom crowdfunding and United States syndication for investment.

John started his working career in the software industry and moved to Silicon Valley in 1982. John was there before much of what we know and love today was created and then transitioned to real estate.

Career Highlights:
• Reported to Steve Jobs when working at NeXT
• Team member that pushed HP into the Unix market
• 30 years real estate experience since taking the initial plunge
• Extensive knowledge in multi-national real estate markets
• Own property portfolio covers 11 times zones

Specialties: Structured finance, loan packaging, trading of notes and other debt instruments secured by real estate. Building and managing teams in cross-functional projects. Managed successful global deployment of cross-boarder solutions.

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